Eligible Properties - Portaferry Townscape Heritage Initiative

Address:  25-27 High Street
Owner: Mr Sean Innes
Cluster: High Street
Existing Use:  Commercial / Residential
Occupancy:  0%
Date of Construction: Early 19th Century
Heritage Merit: Conservation Area
Listed Building Reference: Not Applicable
Brief History:

Patrick O’Hare’s map of 1799 shows a building on the site, which at that time was occupied or owned by a William McPherson. The map indicates there are ‘Town Parks’ on land south of High Street at this point. The existing gated narrow access between No.27 and No.29 is also present at that time shown to be under different ownership, owned by a James McWalter. The 1835 Ordnance Survey shows a similar plan to that which exists today but indicated as being within a continuous terrace, without the passageway between No.27 and No. 29 and possibly with a shorter rear return. The 1859 Ordnance Survey shows a plan, similar to that which exists today but shows the building subdivided into 3No. properties along its frontage onto High Street with a stepped rear return, again subdivided into three, along the south-west boundary, More ancillary buildings are shown along the south-east and south west boundary walls. Vacant since mid 1990s