Eligible Properties - Portaferry Townscape Heritage Initiative

Address:  15 The Square
Owner: Mr Sean McCarthy
Cluster: The Square
Existing Use:  Residential
Occupancy:  50%
Date of Construction: circa 1820
Heritage Merit: B+
Listed Building Reference: HB24/01/003
Brief History:

According to the NIEA database a building, in possession of a John Rowan, is shown on Patrick O’Hare’s map of 1799, with the site occupied on all other maps thereafter. The valuation returns of c.1835 record a 'new' three storey house, in the possession of a William McCleery, with a gateway, cellar and outbuildings, It is possible that this house may have been built around 1830. The valuation records that the house was built by McCleery himself and that the 'entrance beside the gateway is under the house and is used as a car house'. This therefore suggests that the unusual double doorway is not an original feature but that the archway provided space to store a carriage or cart and that the entrance to the house was originally from within the store room itself. The lack of architectural detailing within the front ground floor room suggests this room was associated with the storage of the carriage and cart and only later incorporated into the house during the later 1800s and the present hallway and the double doorway arrangement fitted into its arch. William McCleery or a relative of the same name was still in possession of the house when the 1863 valuation was carried out, but is not recorded as resident in the town in 1870. Photographic evidence of c.1890-1900 shows the facade of the building much as it appears today.