Eligible Properties - Portaferry Townscape Heritage Initiative

Address:  2-4 The Square
Owner: Mr Oliver Sloan
Cluster: The Square
Existing Use:  Commercial
Occupancy:  0%
Date of Construction: 19th Centuary
Heritage Merit: Conservation Area
Listed Building Reference: Not Applicable
Brief History:

The building possibly has late 18th century origins but was substantially altered during the early 20th century. A building is shown on the site on the Pat O’Hare map surveyed in 1799, No.2 then owned by a John Magee and No.3 by James Conway. 1835 Ordnance Survey map shows ancillary buildings to the rear and are thought to be the buildings that exist at present. An orchard is shown beyond the ancillary buildings. The 1859 Ordnance Survey clearly shows the existing buildings in single ownership with ancillary buildings to the rear. The brick facade was possibly added around the same time as the adjoining bank was built during the late1930’s. Photos from the 1920’s show the building in its original form, still retaining its late 18th century facade with tripartite Georgian pane windows at first floor and the carriage arch in its current position. The position of the existing stairs correlates with the position of the dwelling entrance shown in the 1920’s photographs. The property appears at that time to be in single ownership predominantly used as a dwelling with only the ground floor of No.4 used as a shop, named McCaughey.