Education/Heritage - Portaferry Townscape Heritage Initiative

Heritage Lottery Fund have established Learning as a Town Heritage Initiative project objective to enable people to learn about their heritage. The HLF defines Learning as something which people do to make sense of the world, themselves and their place in it. The aim, therefore, is to enable people to make sense of the Portaferry Townscape Heritage Initiative and to take pride in their environment, buildings and heritage.

To assist in this an Education Officer is employed by the THI for one day a week to develop learning initiatives. The Education Officer in Portaferry is a former teacher, and an author and historian, Allison Murphy.

Allison will be able to work with the following types of contributors:-

• Primary and secondary school children

• Youth groups

• Community groups

• Church groups

• Adults within the town

• Visitors to the town

• The wider community

• Heritage organisations

One of the aims of the education plan is to ensure that residents in Portaferry and beyond are kept informed about THI developments and develop a greater awareness of all that is involved in the project. This will be achieved using various media including:

• Posters regarding the THI properties have been drawn up and placed in significant areas around the town – library, health centre etc.

• An article about the THI properties has been placed in the Parish bulletin.

• Leaflets have been distributed in local shops.

• Regular newsletters are written and distributed.

Updates via the "News" Page on the website